Shout-out to Joe the Lawyer

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Joe the Lawyer for mentioning my blog over on his own. As one of countless new blogs trying to make itself heard in the vast cacophony of the internet, I really appreciate the mention.

For those who haven’t visited Joethelawyer’s Wondrous Imaginings, I recommend that you click on the link and check it out (and hey, the link opens to the post about me – what a coincidence!). I first started reading it almost a year ago, when Joe graciously saved and reposted a piece of satire I’d written on EN World that mocked a particularly infamous post by Joe Goodman.

I’d written that in a flurry, mostly just to get a laugh out of people, before dashing off to work, not realizing that it was almost certainly due for deletion by EN World’s moderators. Luckily, Joe had the foresight to archive what I’d written. It was a good thing he did, as it turned into a minor internet sensation (at least for me) when it was later referenced by RPG Blog II’s Best & Worst of Gaming 2009 awards (check out the silver medal for “Worst Public Relations”).

Needless to say, all of this was a big factor in my decision to enter the RPG blogosphere. So in a way, this blog is the result of Joe’s generosity.

Thanks Joe!

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2 Responses to “Shout-out to Joe the Lawyer”

  1. Joethelawyer Says:

    It wasn’t foresight as much as experience at ENWorld–if it mocked the established powers that be in the gaming industry whom the higher ups at ENWorld wanted to suck up to, the thread got deleted or locked.

  2. James Smith Says:

    Howdy Alzrius and welcome to the blogoverse!

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