My Little Candy-Colored Pony

A few months ago, I wrote a series of posts using the rules for Eclipse: The Codex Persona to flesh out characters, races, and items from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. One of them was for my original pony character, Lex Legis.

More recently, a poster over on the Paizo forums by the name of VrisKCa started offering to draw anyone’s character, free of charge. Given that paid-for commissions to draw someone’s PC are a thriving cottage industry, I was quick to leap at the generous offer, submitting Lex as my character of choice.

Much to my delight, VrisKCa picked my character as one of the first to draw out of the initial batch of submissions. Thanks to her talented work, I can now present Lex Legis, in living color:

Lex Legis - sketch by VrisKCaThis picture actually shows Lex several months after the events described in his original entry. The major difference is that he’s grafted the Horn of King Sombra onto himself, after his original horn was torn off in a grueling fight.

Doing so restored Lex’s ability to use magic (something unicorns can’t do without their horn), and awoke even greater powers in the Horn itself, allowing Lex to win the battle and save not just himself but several other ponies as well. But binding a relic that uses dark magic onto himself is not without consequences…

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