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From Somebody Else’s Cutting Room Floor

May 11, 2010

So I picked up Paizo’s Classic Horrors Revisited the other day. For those who don’t know the “[monster theme] Revisited” line of products are basically a collection of ecology articles covering roughly ten monsters. It’s fluff-heavy, having only a small amount of crunch, but the writing and the ideas are top-notch.

It was in going over one such bit of crunch – a stat block for a sample derro NPC – that I noticed something. The NPC had two feats in her stat block that I’d never noticed before, called Derro Magic and Derro Magister. They weren’t in the book, or anywhere else that I looked, leaving me quite puzzled.

Eventually, some Googling turned up the following post from Sean K Reynolds, a Paizo developer who worked on the book, over on the Paizo forums:

Argh, we had to cut them for space, and I thought we caught all the references, including the changes to her stat block… but we left the feat names in her listing. :/Here’s what they’re supposed to do:

You have developed additional spell-like abilities from your unusual reaction to brain mold.
Prerequisite: Derro Magister, derro, Cha 20.
Benefit: Your caster level for all your derro spell-like abilities is equal to your total HD. You gain the following spell-like abilities.
At will—levitate.
1/day—deeper slumber, modify memory.

You are particularly affected by the consumption of brain mold, granting enhanced resistance to magic and an intuitive understanding of vivisection.
Prerequisite: Derro, Cha 20.
Benefit: Your spell resistance increases by 5. You gain a +4 racial bonus on all Heal checks.

Like getting a mini web enhancement, isn’t it? I know I’m glad that the feat names slipped into the product, since otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten this bonus (and of course, a big kudos to Sean for being cool about reposting the content online for us).

Personally though, I’m still waiting for Paizo to publish a Fey Revisited book; here’s hoping for a full-page illustration of the inevitable nymph-dryad catfight.